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How to Choose The Best Staple Guns for Upholstery

A staple gun can be used for different reasons and purposes. No matter how or where you intend to use it, the most important thing is you know how to pick the right tool for a specific task. It all depends on what type of job you need to fix.

The job requirement can determine if you should use a manual, electric or pneumatic staple gun. Generally, electric-powered staple guns are most powerful. Electric staple guns are designed with a cord or cordless system.

More importantly, it is crucial that you learn how to operate it properly and use the right type of staples. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time with jamming issues and other potential problems.

How to Choose The Best Staple Guns for Upholstery
How to Choose The Best Staple Guns for Upholstery

Here are some examples where to use a staple gun:

  • Upholstery – Staple guns are mostly used for upholstery repairs. It works by attaching the staple through the fabric and latching it to the frame of the furniture. You can tighten the fabric to flatten and smoothen the material over the furniture. This prevents creases from forming on the surface. For this kind of project, you are required to use a high-powered staple gun especially since you need to securely fasten the staples into different kinds of materials including fabric, leather, foam or wood. Some high-powered staple guns have multi-function capabilities including driving nails.

Recommended use: Manual, Electric or Pneumatic

  • Carpet – Another function of a staple gun is popularly used in DIY home improvement projects including installation of carpets. You can mount a carpet anywhere you like whether it’s on the floor or on the wall. Make sure the staple gun you use is capable of driving the carpet into the surface.

Recommended use: Electric or Pneumatic

  • Decoration – If you plan to decorate your house, a staple gun will come in handy. It can perform various basic tasks such as replacing a window, screen, or a door frame. You can use it to install canvas on posts. It is an ideal tool for beautifying your home. Plus, you can do it yourself without the help of professional interior decorators.

Recommended use: Manual or Electric

  • Carpentry – Staple guns are widely used in carpentry jobs conducted around your household. Most of the time, carpentry requires working with wood materials such as panels and boards. Some staple guns can only penetrate light to moderate wood. However, if you are working on a hardwood, then you need to use a heavy duty staple gun. A staple gun is a must-have tool when you are operating your DIY home renovation and repair project.

Recommended use: Electric or Pneumatic

  • Construction – If you’re building a specific foundation such as a bird house or any similar project, you need a high-powered staple gun to do the job. Home construction projects may range from minor to major jobs. The recommended type of staple gun you need will depend on the scope of work you require.

Recommended use: Pneumatic

  • Generic fastening – The main function of a staple gun is to attach one end of a material to another piece. Hence, you can use it on different tasks and purposes. You can use it to fasten or repair various furniture around your home.However, if you are working on a more complicated repair and are using hard materials, you may need to use more complex and high-powered tools to fix the job.

Recommended use: Manual, Electric or Pneumatic


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