How to Choose the Best Electric Stapler for Upholstery

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The best electric stapler for upholstery on the list is the Makita. Everyone who reviewed it said it was a sturdy tool. It can do exactly what an upholstery stapler needs to do. It holds narrow crowns. It has a battery, making it portable. It is solid and comfortable to hold. It has great reviews from verified buyers. This tool will get the job done well. You won't need to push hard to get the staple to set. It won't leave you feeling drained and tired.

DIY upholstery is becoming more popular. It is a fun way to redesign an old or grungy piece. You can do this to redecorate your house or to sell upcycled furniture.

Anyone working on an upholstery project needs an upholstery stapler. It is an essential tool for the job. But, choosing the wrong stapler can leave you feeling drained. Some staplers don’t drive straight. Some are not powerful enough to drive through layers of fabric.

So, how do you pick the best electric stapler for upholstery? What type of stapler will do the best job? What type of problems might come up? Which one on the market has the features you need?

These are the questions this article will answer. After reading this article, it will all make sense. Keep reading if you want to pick the right stapler for your job.

How to Choose the Best Electric Stapler for Upholstery

How to Choose the Best Electric Stapler for Upholstery

Electric vs Pneumatic and Manual

Before choosing the best electric stapler for upholstery, you need to consider that there are three types of staplers. The three types are electric, pneumatic, and manual. The electric stapler is a blend of the two. It does not require the physical manpower of the manual. But, it also doesn’t have the added power of an air compressor. It deploys the staple but you will have to press down to help it attach deeper.

Corded vs Cordless

Electric staplers come in two choices. There are corded versions that are plugged into the wall. The other option is cordless guns. These use rechargeable batteries.

Both styles have different benefits. Corded electric staplers never run out of power. They also don’t need to be charged prior to use. But, they have to be close enough to an outlet to be plugged in. On the other hand cordless electric staplers could give out right when you need them. But, once charged, they can go wherever you need them to go. They don’t have cords that get hung up on furniture either.

Crown Size

The crown of a staple is the width. There are three types of staple crowns—narrow, standard, and wide. Most upholstery use narrow crown. Keep this in mind when trying to decide which gun to choose. Some guns are more versatile, offering different crown sizes in the same stapler. But, most only accommodate one size.

Longer Nose

Some staple guns have longer noses. This allows for more headroom. It is an important feature in upholstery work. This gives you room to maneuver the staple gun into narrow spaces.


Electric staplers are not as powerful as pneumatic staplers. This is because it doesn’t have the added push from the air compressor. That means the user needs to do the pushing. It is easier with an electric stapler than a manual one. But, some are still very hard. The design of some staplers requires you to use two hands. This leaves no hand to steady the item being stapled or hold material in place. It is important to find a tool that can be used one handed.

How to Choose an Electric Stapler

There is a huge price gap between some staplers. How do you choose one that is affordable and has good construction? Consider the power options, crown size, and nose length. These will give you good clues if the stapler you are looking at can perform the job you need it to do.

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