3 Staple Gun Problems to Be Aware Of

Staple guns are very useful tools, but only if they are used in a safe and mindful manner. These are not toys and too many times I have seen people treat them like they are. Normally these escapades with staple guns ultimately have bad results. Of course, if you are aware of what the dangers or problems are, then it is easier to act in a safe way. I hope to inform you of staple gun problems that you have to be aware of even before you pick it up and operate the tool.

1. Letting Off Staples By Accident

Modern staple guns are capable of shooting several staples per minute with a lot of ease. This is especially true of electric staple guns, which are very easy to operate and because of this people worry that it could be too easy to fire off a shot by accident. The thing to keep in mind is to always to be aware of where the tool is pointed at to avoid any staple gun problems. Never point or wave it around, and preferably keep the tool pointing downwards so that if an accidental charge occurs it doesn’t injures anyone. Also no one should be in close proximity to you when you are using a staple gun.

using a staple gun.

using a staple gun

Always keep your finger away from a trigger when not using the staple gun (http://www.doityourself.com/stry/how-to-properly-use-a-staple-gun). Most electric staple guns though have safety triggers that will not allow the gun to be fired unless it is placed and pressed correctly. Wearing safety glasses is a must also, on the occasion that you accidentally fire off and a staple does fly.

2. Staple Jam

Guns, especially manual staple guns, can become jammed after repeated use. What is important to note is that you shouldn’t on any occasion hold up the gun at eye level to investigate. The best plan of action is to set it down, open it and see if the staples that were inserted are the correct size (http://www.doityourself.com/stry/3-tips-for-repairing-a-broken-staple-gun).

Staple Jam

Staple Jam

If the size of the staples isn’t the issue then you should hold up the tool to a light source. There should be light coming through the gap where the staples should be fed. If that isn’t the case then it means that a staple got stuck in there and you’ll have to get it out safely (http://smallbusiness.chron.com/steps-using-staple-gun-33805.html). By sliding a screwdriver along the feed the staple should become dislodged. If for some reason that doesn’t work either you can close the head and knock the staple gun against the heel of your shoe (or any other rubber surface for that matter). Through using these techniques the problematic staple should come free and you’ll be able to continue working.

3. Nail Penetration or Ricochet

Many staple guns are very powerful pieces of machinery that are made to penetrate tough surfaces. This always has to be kept in mind. For example, a staple gun can pass through a piece of wood and pierce any hand that just happens to be holding it from below. This can occur where wood or any other material is of a different thickness or strength, which allows the projectile to come through

(https://www.osha.gov/Publications/NailgunFinal_508_02_optimized.pdf). This is especially a possibility for pneumatic staple guns, which are the most powerful. To avoid this you should never put a hand under the material you are firing into.

Nail Penetration or Ricochet

Nail Penetration or Ricochet

Another problem that can occur when operating staple and nail guns is ricochet. A staple has to change direction if it hits a hard surface; it bounces off and becomes a dangerous projectile that can cause injury to the operator and anyone nearby. Ricochets happen when a metal surface is stapled by accident

(http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/tools/reviews/a3857/4300551/). A good safety tip is to check that what you are stapling has no hidden metal surfaces, and is totally safe.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the three main staple gun problems. The tools are helpful but one also always keeps in mind the limitations of what is possible. This list was crafted with you, the reader, in mind and with the aim of helping anyone avoid the pitfalls of using a staple gun. If you really enjoyed this article then please share it as much as you can. Maybe you have some safety tips to share with everyone or staple gun problems, and if so then please head over to the comments. I always enjoy hearing from all of you.




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